Asset Recovery Process:

Gathering of Documents:

Once we receive your signed asset recovery agreement, we respond by providing you the necessary forms and a customized checklist which requests the minimum documentation to get your claim approved and funded. Your claim instructions can be e-mailed, upon request.


Assembly of Claim Package:

Upon receipt of your completed supporting documentation, we review the documentation to ensure the claim is complete. Our firm will assemble your claim package and hand-deliver to the California State Controller’s Office (SCO) in Sacramento, CA.


Monitoring your Claim:

Most of our claims are funded between 90-120 days. During this period, we resolve SCO questions and facilitate acquiring additional documents, if needed.Ensuring Proper Funding:Once we receive notification from SCO that your claim has been approved, we confirm that you will receive the correct funding and contact you to explain the decision.


Your Recovery:

You receive your hassle-free check in the mail or a statement that shares have been reissued in your name. Our fee is automatically deducted and paid to us by SCO once they fund your claim. We remain available to answer any questions you may have.

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