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Why Hire Us . . .


“If you don't know where you're going you will wind up somewhere else”

Yogi Berra

Pettinato & Associates is a licensed private investigations firm founded with a single vision in mind: To provide unparalleled service, professionalism, and expedience in securing and returning lost or abandoned assets to its rightful owner.


Here are some of the reasons you will benefit by using our company to facilitate and manage the claiming process.


  • Experience: Pettinato & Associates has been in business since 1996.  The firm has become the most qualified, knowledgeable and respected resource for claiming assets in the State of California.  Whether your claim involves a decedent, probate, trust, will or securities; we have the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance.

  • Credentials: The principals at Pettinato & Associates hold actives licenses as an attorney, CPA and private investigator.  Extensive knowledge in these areas enables the firm to provide the most advanced solutions for restoring assets with rightful owners.

  • Efficiency: Your time is important.  Pettinato & Associates eliminates the questions associated with recovering lost or abandoned assets.  Fewer questions result in reduced time for you to receive your reimbursement.

  • Thorough: Our interests remain aligned with yours. We research to identify all accounts you are entitled, verify your claim is complete before submitting to ward off unnecessary funding delays and reconcile each account to ensure you receive full funding.

  • Service: Our office includes knowledgeable staff with years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most robust communications support in the business. When you have a question, our firm is available to answer or respond.

  • Local presence: We opened our office in Sacramento for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was so we could hand deliver claims for our clients to the government custodian. Whether we are meeting with legislators at the capitol building or with government claim evaluators, we are only minutes away from their offices. We have earned their respect and our clients benefit as a result.

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